Mel and I are super excited to be kicking off this new blog. We think you’ll like what we have in mind.

To kick things off, a little explanation about how this will work. We will blog on Tuesday and Thursday of every week. Mel will have one day. I will have the other. Simple. Rather than have you listen to us personally, you will be chatting with our characters. They may be the main hero or heroine of a book already released, or a secondary character we want you to get to know. Maybe we’ve written someone you are curious to know more about. Here’s the place to learn it.

Check out our About Us pages to learn about us, find our other online homes, and see some of our available books. Our email addresses are on our personal pages. Use those if you want to hear from a particular character. 🙂

Now, as you can imagine, Mel and I are a bit unpredictable at times. So are our characters. You never know what will be put up here, but we hope to always make it entertaining for you.

So, come back and visit often!