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OCD? I’ll Show You OCD



Two descriptive words for many of my characters, so you can imagine my surprise when Kami and Kieralyn asked to do a joint blog today. I’m a bit worried about what they have in mind. From the moment they met they hit it off. With the more time they spend together the more antics they think up. Okay, I’m pretty worried about what these two have cooked up, but they wouldn’t tell me. I told you…


Kami: As if we’re the secretive ones. LOL

Kieralyn: Yeah, no kidding. She plans and plots and schemes behind our backs.

Kami: At least she didn’t make you pose as a call girl.

Kieralyn: No. She just knocked me out and left me in a burning kitchen. You know, she was much nicer to Ava. I’m going to have to figure out why that was.

Kami: I bet Ava would disagree with you on the nice part, sort of like I disagree with Nikki’s theory about herself.

Kieralyn: You mean the one about her not deserving her nickname?

Kami: No. The one she talked about on her blog the other day. Does she honestly think she is OCD?

Kieralyn: Oooooh, that one. She made me laugh because that sounded like a typical weekend for me. I mean, I knew there would be challenges living with Ian, but who could be more OCD than a blind man?

Kami: Certainly not Breck. Unless you count his office. It’s the only place he keeps clean. Well, and dishes. He’s pretty good at doing the dishes.

Kieralyn: And now you know why Ian prefers to have people over–when I manage to talk him into having company. Did you know that not only does he organize his clean clothes by color, he does the same with his dirty laundry? Honestly, it goes to the same cleaner and they label everything for him.

Kami: Are you kidding?

Kieralyn: No! He had dog tags made up for the hangers, just in case they mix them up in the bags. He takes the clothes and the tags to the cleaner. They put the tag on the new hanger.

Kami: That’s genius if you think about it. I always wondered how blind people matched their outfits.

Kieralyn: Ian is most definitely brilliant when it comes to overcoming his lack of sight and as great as he is, it’s been an adjustment to live with him. I mean, I love to move furniture and knick knacks and things around. You know, to constantly–

Kami: Freshen the look of the decor?

Kieralyn: Yes! I can’t do that at home. If I move things around, he could break a leg on a chair or light a plant on fire instead of a candle or knock a vase on the tile because he thinks he’s reaching for a bowl of grapes.

Kami: It definitely sounds like Ian out OCDs Nikki.

Kieralyn: He makes her look like an amateur, though I will give her points on the OCD scale. She is quite thorough in her cleaning and I’ve seen her desk.

Kami: So she’s a mix of Ian and Breck – sort of. LOL

Kieralyn: OMG, that is a scary thought.

Nikki: There are so many points I could argue with you two, but I’m not going there. Even though you did say I’m a mix of Breck and Ian. That’s like wet and dehydrated. Ebony and transparent. Not all bad I don’t guess.


Mila’s Theme Song

Today, I asked Mila to let us know all about her favorite kind of music from the 20th and  21st century and why she had to pick the song she did for her theme song.


Hiya! Mel asked me to come on over and talk to you. Since Hunter and I are back on Earth, and I had the time, I thought it was a freaking fantastic idea.

Now, I tend to like the power music. See, I have this thing for guns…and big ships…and big men-that’s where Hunter comes in. I don’t exactly know where it came from, but for some reason, I go crazy over machinery. I am not the kind of woman who goes all all goey over a diamond. I mean, what good is a diamond unless you can trade it for some good hardware. A girl can never go wrong with too many guns or a really well decked out ship.

Back to the music. When Mel started writing me, I let her know I am not your typical pretty rich girl. Oh, I am pretty…that I will own up to. But, give me a good gun fight any day over a cocktail party and I am a happy girl. What in the seventh layer of hell would I need to go to parties for?

So, when I popped into Mel’s head, I made sure she understood I didn’t need some crazy romantic tunes to be my theme song. What courier needs that?  I wanted something that showed just what an ace fighter I am. And that is where Eminem came in. His Lose Yourself is definitely my song. Mel wasn’t too happy because, well, the woman gets migraines, and listening to the song while I let her write about me, gave her some pain. But there is nothing like the driving beat to get the blood pumping. Every one of my action scenes were written to the song or I just would not let it happen. Believe me, Mel called me a few names because of it…some of them I will not repeat here.

Oh, and Hunter wanted me to let you know his theme song, or the one that I hear all the time when I see him, is Holding Out For a Hero. If you know Hunter, you would understand. It is the song that both Mel and I hear whenever we see him. Of course, he isn’t too thrilled with the 1980’s goofy video, but sometimes, as Mel likes to say, you just have to suck it up. He did say he would like to see me in the white dress she wears but I told him to dream on. How can a girl run in that stupid thing?

Thanks for letting me post, Mel and Nikki, and here is a video with my song. It’s edited, which Mel knows I don’t like. I mean if you can’t cuss when someone is trying to kill you, when can you? But, she felt it was best just in case we have some sensitive readers. Just be sure to avoid my book if you are, because one thing I like next to a firefight and my Hunter is a good string of cussing.

Mila and Hunter can be found in my book Hunting Mila, which is in digital and print from Ellora’s Cave. If you want to watch their trailer, check it out!

Ava Malia and the Disco Stick Inspiration

When Nikki asked me to blog today I almost told her no. She gives me a hard time often. It seemed only fair to flip the tables. She wore me down though, so here I am. And you know what, I am 100% in line with Kieralyn’s thinking that we should form a support group of Nikki’s characters.

In the meantime, I will just have to settle for tormenting her in my own ways. See, Nikki likes to listen to music when she writes. Thing is though, she doesn’t always get to pick the songs. When I came into her head, I came with Lady Gaga’s Love Game. I love that song. I even love Lady Gaga. She’s my role model–willing to be her crazy outrageous self. Too bad I have a black suit sort of job which demands a level of conformity. Which I think was Nikki’s way of forcing me to behave. Oh well, she gave me Dr. H and for that I can’t fault her. Entirely. He gives me a hard time too.

Anyway, because it’s what I do, torment people like Nikki when I find ways to slip a Disco Stick into conversations, here’s the video of Love Game. Enjoy. 🙂

Character Interview: Joey, Heath and Grant

I met with Joey Vernon, my heroine from Hands On Training, right here in my own backyard at a local favorite, Five Guys. It was supposed to be an interview with her, but you will see that it didn’t end up that way.

Joey is movie star gorgeous. Almost six feet tall, long curling blonde hair and one of those types of faces that never takes a bad picture. Over some of the best burgers ever, fries and sodas, we chatted about her men and her life.

MEL: Joey, thanks for meeting me. I take it you are in town for a vacation.

JOEY: In a way. Grant came into town for his father’s sixty-fifth birthday.

MEL: Right. Grant is former Senator Benson’s son. Will you be attending?

JOEY: Lord, no. I do not even want to think what would happen if Heath and I showed up there. But, I have never been to DC so the guys thought we should come for the week.

MEL: Does it bother you that Grant’s family won’t accept your relationship?

JOEY: No, not really. they are not truly that close, but Grant’s mother really wanted him here, and he could not bring himself to say no to her. And, I don’t begrudge him that.

MEL: Do you have any other problems with your families?

She smiles and I hear something clatter behind me. I glance back over my shoulder to find a young man who ran into a chair while apparently staring at her. He flushes and hurries away.

JOEY: No. My parents are both gone. The only relationship I have with my extended family is through business. Heath’s family has been wonderful. Heath and Liam, his brother, are super close, so I am happy that they don’t have a problem with it. It would be doubly hard since they own a company together. His parents have completely accepted our relationship as it is. I have only been told by his mother she wants some grandbabies, and soon. Marlow and Liam are expecting their first, but apparently that is not enough for her.

MEL: So, is that something you want soon?

JOEY: No, not really. I do want children, but I just took over my family business. It is stressful and with our relationship being so new, I want to wait. I want to spend time with my guys all by myself.

The moment she says that, the doors woosh open and I watch as both of her lovers walk in. Heath is a big man, built like a linebacker, brown hair, deep hazel eyes. He is easily 6’4″ -6’5″. He makes me think of his namesake Heathcliff. Very brooding, and definitely dangerous.  His companion isn’t as brooding, but he is definitely dangerous…especially to a woman’s libido. As tall as Heath, Grand is leaner, like a swimmer, with dark blonde hair and a goatee. You can see the humor in his blue eyes.

As they stride through the restaurant, they definitely gain attention. Seeing just one of them would attract stares, but both of them walking side by side definitely draws the female eye.

JOEY: without turning around.  Let me guess. They just showed up.

MEL: I laugh. Yeah, they did.

 She shoots them an evil look over her shoulder but they ignore her as they take the two empty chairs at the table. Heath eases into the chair on her right and Grant turns the second chair around and straddles it. The smile he offers her is filled with sensuality but apparently, she is not ready to be nice. She frowns at them and crosses her arms beneath her breasts.

JOEY: This is my interview. What are you two doing here?

HEATH: We got done with what we were supposed to do.

JOEY: What you were supposed to do is leave me alone.

GRANT: Yeah. We’re done with that.

She rolls her eyes. Grabbing her drink she stands and leaves me alone with them while she gets more to drink.

MEL: Have you all eaten?

Heath smiles.

HEATH: No, we haven’t. Hey, Grant, why not get me a regular hamburger, jalapenos, cheddar cheese and onions.

Grant scowls, but still gets up to order. But Heath’s eyes narrow over my shoulder and I glance back to see Grant has slipped his arm around Joey pulling her back against him as he whispers in her ear. I can hear her giggle over the din of customers. With a quick kiss, she pushes him away and heads back to the table. She is flushed and smiling.

HEATH: What was that about?

JOEY: Tell ya later. So, Melissa, do  you have any other questions?

MEL: You two work together. How do you handle that?

Joey chuckles.

HEATH: It isn’t that easy all the time. Joey has a mouth on her–

JOEY: Hey!

HEATH: You know you do, darlin’. He leans over and gives her a quick kiss. One of the things I love about you. Turns back to me. But it is a balancing act. We have agreed that any work related discussions remain at the office though. No need to rehash the day at home.

Grant rejoins us with two drinks, giving one to Heath then settling back into his chair.

MEL: You run your own restaurant and you are considered an upcoming star chef in Texas.

Grant snorts.

GRANT: Up and coming. I’m already there, hun.

I laugh.

MEL: But, with your hours, it must be hard to gain some time together. I take it you are open late.

He nods.

GRANT: When I first opened the restaurant in Dallas, it was hard. I had to work a lot of hours to get it going, but I’ve been able to ease back and let other people take over. I want to open a few more.

MEL: Same type of restaurant, Tex Mex fusion? Where at?

GRANT: Yeah. I was scouting locations here, but not sure I am ready to pay the price. And I think I want to keep it in Texas. If I branch out to other areas, I want to really change the menu around. Fit the area’s cuisine. I’ll probably open one in Ft Worth, and then maybe one in San Antonio or Houston. I prefer San Antonio if I can get it on the Riverwalk.

MEL: I was talking to Joey about family, and she mentioned that Heath’s mom wants some grandbabies. How are you all with that? Will you know who will be the father?

GRANT: I would be happy to have babies right now. But, as Joey and Heath have pointed out, we are really just in our first year together. Throwing a baby into the mix would be great but might add undue stress. I don’t think any of us care who the father is. As long as the baby is healthy, we are all happy.

Number 443 is called over the speaker.

GRANT: Your turn.

HEATH mumbles something under his breath but goes to retrieve their food.  He returns with it and both men don’t hesitate to dig in.

MEL: Not your usual fare.

Heath smiles and my pulse scrambles. Damn, the man is dangerous.

GRANT: No. But there is something to be said about peanut fries and a good hamburger. Not a lot of places can make them like this anymore.

HEATH: Damn right they don’t. We’ve been wanting to try Five Guys since Joey mentioned she’d stopped by one in San Antonio last year.

MEL: So, what are your plans for the next year?

GRANT: I am working on a cookbook. It’s already contracted, and has a due date, so I need to get that done. We are also looking for a place to live half way in between our jobs.

HEATH: Joey and I have a few things on the docket at work. And, well, she just took over for Vernon Industries, so that is taking a bit of her time.

She snorts.

JOEY: I am making Heath handle most of that and he has been really sweet about it. The house is the first thing. We need a bigger place and Grant’s. I like it, but it is out of the way.

MEL: Well, thanks a lot for taking the time to talk to me.

Joey smiles.

JOEY: Anytime.

I grab my root beer and head out the door, but I hear a giggle and look back over my should. Grant scooted closer to her and is now nuzzling her neck. Heath is watching them with a smile on his lips. It is easy to see the desire and love in his eyes. With a sigh of envy, I head out the door and back to my writing dungeon.

Friends Found in Floods (from Kieralyn Beckett)

You know what men say about women not needing to know other women to become fast friends? We go to the bathroom in groups and all of that? Well, there’s some truth to it. I mean, if we go to the bathroom in groups it’s to talk about the men we’re with, the men we want to be with or the woman who treated us like shit five minutes earlier, but that’s not the point here. Anyway, it wasn’t long ago Ian and I went on a short vacation, what was supposed to be a quiet weekend getaway at a secluded resort. One thing’s for sure, it was secluded. Anyway, it was on this trip we came to know Heath, Grant and Joey (Josephina, but she doesn’t like to be called that.)

I’ve always admired strong women, and Joey certainly is one. Of course she would have to be to handle Grant and Heath. I adored all of them, and these guys make me smile even when they don’t mean to. Heath is all serious and mean, at least when people are looking. Grant seems to have a great time ribbing him. And Joey, well she has a way with them both.

Lucky woman, and lucky you because the three have allowed Melissa to tell their story. 🙂

Joey and Heath are stuck working together for a week in Florida. Not only will they be in each other’s presence more time than either of them would like, and when Heath’s old friend Grant shows up, things really get out of control. Too close for comfort, and too much temptation to resist, the three of them agree to a one-week affair. None of them wants entanglements, especially Joey who learned firsthand how to survive without help.

With each kiss, each touch, the three of them grow closer. By the time they return to Dallas, they aren’t ready to let go. Will the three of them be torn apart by fear, or will they risk their hearts to find happiness together?

DIGITAL ISBN: 978-1-59374-310-9
PRINT ISBN:978-1-60313-192-6

Character Spotlight: Liberty Wainright

Liberty Wainwright is one of my favorite characters so I thought I would give you a little insight into her mind and personality. Libby and her man The Saint are featured in Seducing the Saint in digital and Saints and Sinners in print!

NAME: Liberty Wainwright

AGE: 30

OCCUPATION: Space Archeologist/self-employed


WHAT IS IMPORTANT ABOUT THE WORK YOU DO:I believe in preserving history for future generations. It is important to look at our past so that we can learn from our successes and failures.

ONE THING YOU HATE: Corporate greed.

WHAT DO YOU CONSIDER YOUR BEST ASSET: Fast thinking in dangerous situations.


Lessons Learned and Support Groups

Hi. I’m Eden Maverick, one of Nikki’s tormented characters. I wonder if there should be a support group for us, complete with weekly meetings and mentors. I mean, she can be awful mean. Then again, she often redeems herself. Not always, but with most of us.

In my case, she recently reminded me of a valuable lesson. A lesson I relinquished in the sight of great personal trauma.

See, I used to be a take-it-all-in-stride-because-stressing-isn’t-going-to-make-it-better kind of gal. I hunted relics with my partner Andrew Corrigan. If it was American history related he would go after it. I’m the Biblical relic fiend.

There was an excitement that would surge through my veins heating my skin until the hair follicles itched. I felt so alive tracking ancient artifacts with Andrew. My life had purpose. I contributed to the education and entertainment of the public through donations and exhibits at museums. It was great right up until two years ago.

Everything came to a big, puss filled head worse than the biggest zit on the tip of your nose. Trust me. It was bad.

Andrew went on a hunt to never be heard from again – not like him at all. My sister was in the hospital, terminal with cancer. I missed him and watched her fade away. Then there were my… we’ll call them health issues. Health issues with the power to obliterate everything I believed in.

I didn’t realize though, until Andrew returned, that I’d lost that belief. I only saw the truth today, when Nikki pointed it out to me yet again. I tell my friend Breck he needs to go with the flow more often, but I haven’t been doing it. I’ve dug my heels into a trench of stubbornness and refused to step out.

I’ve chosen to rely solely on myself until Nikki forced me to see the need to allow other people in. Specifically to allow Andrew in – not that I’m ready to jump completely into that track. He and I still have some issues to work out. Or maybe they’re mine.

Anyway, I am learning the importance of letting go of what I can’t control. Andrew and I still have some darkness to get through, and hopefully I’ll be able to take Nikki’s advice. Hopefully she knows what she’s talking about and the advice actually helps me survive, mentally more than physically I think, the waiting drudge of dread.

Do you have any tips for me? Anything you do that helps you let go of things you can’t control? Do you have issues trusting other people? If you do, how do you know when to let that go? When to let them in?

It’s a confusing time for me. Any advice you have to offer would be a great help.


Eden is the heroine from RANSOMED HEARTS, which is the first book (currently un-contracted) in a spin off series from Sensory Ops. It’s still a romantic suspense, but not in the typical vein of a Nikki Duncan suspense. Keep your eyes and ears out for more from Eden and Andrew and maybe even Julie or Angelo in the coming months. They’re a fun group.

Interview: India Singer

Texas Temptations 1

Today, I am talking to India Singer from my Siren release Conquering India. India is a thirty-something woman with a busy catering business in San Antonio. She is a beautiful woman, more curves than straight lines, and a wealth of curly auburn hair. She exudes happiness, from her brilliant smile to her canary yellow maxi dress.  She lives with her lovers, Marc and Wade, in a spacious luxury apartment overlooking the San Antonio Riverwalk. It is a lavish apartment, with Tuscan overtones…lots of color. Over lattes and homemade chocolate chip scones, I asked India about what her life is like living with two very different men.

MEL: Thanks for having me here today. And of course, many thanks for the wonderful scones.

INDIA: You are very welcomed. The guys really said I should have you over after you interviewed them.

MEL: I really enjoyed it. What woman in her right mind would say no to margaritas with those two men? One thing I noticed was just how different they are.

INDIA: Yes. In fact, it was probably one of the things that drew me to them to begin with.

MEL: In what way?

INDIA: Well, I met Wade first. There was an immediate interest on both our parts, although I was sure it was just normal flirting for him. He has never met a woman he didn’t try to charm.

MEL: Laughes.  Yeah, I got that feeling at our interview.

INDIA: Exactly. The man doesn’t really think that he is fllirting, it just comes naturally to him.   Whenever I take myself too seriously, Wade is there to shake me up. He makes sure that I know life is too short to worry over. Marc on the other hand is the thinker. He broods, he plots, he worries.

MEL: Yes, I got that. He seemed so much more…controlled than Wade.

INDIA: Blushes Yes, well, Marc is more of a dominant. He is the anchor of the three of us. Not that Wade and I are not grounded, but Marc really is the caretaker.

MEL: Is that all you get from him?

INDIA: No, definitely not. That is a huge part of it, but one thing Marc does really well is nurtures. He has a basic need to take care of people, and when all that energy is focused on you, it is amazing. But, I also get to the be silly one with him. He sometimes gets too serious, so I have to jerk him out of it. I don’t get that with Wade because, let’s face it, no one can out joke Wade.

MEL: I can imagine. Do you ever get overwhelmed being with two men?

INDIA: At times. It is still hard to handle when they get in my way. Sometimes, I don’t mind that, but I am a busy woman. I have a catering company that takes a huge amount of work. There has to be boundaries.

MEL: Do they always respect them?

INDIA: Laughes. Uh, no. They do for the most part, but sometimes, I do have to read them the riot act.

MEL: Did you ever think you would have two men for lovers?

INDIA: No. In fact, attracting two men, especially younger, gorgeous men, is foreign to me.

MEL: Does the age thing bother you?

INDIA: It did at first. But then, why would I mind having these two men, no matter what age they are. I love them, and I really cannot imagine life without them.

MARC: I have to say that I agree with you, darlin.

Both of us are surprised by the arrival of her men. Marc, ever the professional, is dressed in a steel gray suit, ivory shirt and red tie hanging loosely around his neck. He steps behind India’s chair and and bends over to kiss her. Dark blond hair cut ruthlessly short he still looks the same as his marine days from the pictures I have seen. His somber gray eyes with just a touch of wickedness are hard to ignore.

MARC: Hey, baby. He smiles at me. Hello, Melissa.

 Wade, casually dressed, a pair of pressed jeans, boots, and an unbottoned black shirt. He kisses India too. When he looks at the table a frown mars his pretty face. Black hair, chocolate eyes, his is my favorite kind of man.

WADE: Is that the last of the scones?

India laughes.

MARC: You can see where his interest lays.

INDIA: No, there are more. I just made these this afternoon. You need to say hi to Melissa.

Wade turns to face me.

WADE: Hey, Melissa. How are you doing?

For a moment, I can’t answer because whenever I am around these two, my brain is slow to react. I recover but not before he picks up on my reaction. His smile widens.

MEL: I’m fine. Actually, I think we were just about to finish up.

INDIA: You two go away. We are not completely done, and this isn’t about you. It’s about me.

Both of them do not look happy about that…but I get the feeling it is more about not being in India’s company that they don’t like. Another kiss for India from both of them, then they both excuse themselves, Wade heading to the kitchen and Marc heading to thier bedroom.

MEL: I have a personal question that you might not want to answer, so don’t if you don’t want to.

INDIA: That isn’t a problem. These days, I don’t do anything I don’t want to.

MEL: What are the sleeping arrangements? Is it always about the three of you?

INDIA: Shakes her head. First, this is a relationship. Yes, different than most other people experience, but definitely a relationship. We all have different needs and desires. While most of the time, we sleep in one big bed, a California King in the master bedroom, there are times when we need some one on one time. They never seem to discuss. Marc and Wade just seem to know when that is.

MEL: Well, thanks so much for the wonderful food and company. And, thank you for your honest answers.

INDIA: Thank you for coming over.

The interview I did for Marc and Wade can be read HERE. Their book Conquering India, is available in digital from Siren Publishing. It will be in print late this summer.

Nikki: Thank you for being here, Breck. I’m a little surprised you agreed to join me today.

Breck: You should be. I only agreed because Kami adores you so much. You’re gonna need to make it quick though. We’re working a case that needs my attention.

Nikki: You see the irony of her power over you, right?

Breck: I see you think my downfall is humorous.

Nikki: I wouldn’t have called it a downfall, but okay. So tell us, why are you so stand-offish when it comes to women?

Breck: Have you met your kind? You women play mind games and trick men into doing things they wouldn’t normally do. This interview for example. I play the political game when needed for work, but to be open to any question you ask… That’s all on Kami.

Nikki: It’s funny. Your words are disdainful, but your tone is gentle and humored. You don’t mind being here as much as you claim. And with Ava and Kieralyn in your daily life…

Breck: There’s no escaping smart-mouthed women. Just keep telling yourself I enjoy it and as your next question?

Nikki: So be it, though my next question is from one of those women in your life. Did you ever have a girlfriend named Pert?

Breck: Damn it. Which one was it? Kieralyn? Has to be Kieralyn.

Nikki: I promised not to tell, but there are other women in your life.

Breck: Damn. Eden. Did you get a hold of Eden? No. She wouldn’t ask that. Had to be Kieralyn.

Nikki: That’s my secret. And I’ll take your non answer as a yes.

Breck: What’s your next question.

Nikki: Well, I’ll do you the favor of skipping the one about your preferred shampoo. Let’s go next to how you feel about having your story written? How do you feel about such a large part of your life being out there, immortalized in print, for everyone to see?

Breck: I wish it weren’t.

Nikki: Oh come on. Give me more than that.

Breck: Fine. It doesn’t bother me like I thought it would. You did a nice job of staying true to the facts. And I’ll go a step farther. I don’t even mind that you spilled all the personal details. You showed me in a nice light.

Nikki: LOL. I’m actually quite glad you approve.

Breck: Sure you are. Now, I’ll give you one more question, and then I must get back to work.

Nikki: Works for me. This question too comes from someone else. What is your favorite weapon to use? Is it true stabbing is more personal?

Breck: Shit. (laughing) That one had to come from the dirty mind of Ava, because no way do I believe it refers to guns or knives.

Nikki: For what it’s worth, it wasn’t from Ava, but she does have some interesting thought processes.

Breck: Hmm. For what it’s worth, stabbing is very personal.

Nikki: lol. You know what I like about you, Breck? You’re funnier than you think you are and it crops up at unexpected moments.

Breck: The funny ones are the people I work with, but I did have a good time today. I’m glad I agreed to talk with you.


If you haven’t read Breck’s story, SCENT OF PERSUASION, it can be found here. He’s quite good at his job, and much funnier than he believes. 🙂