Texas Temptations 1

Today, I am talking to India Singer from my Siren release Conquering India. India is a thirty-something woman with a busy catering business in San Antonio. She is a beautiful woman, more curves than straight lines, and a wealth of curly auburn hair. She exudes happiness, from her brilliant smile to her canary yellow maxi dress.  She lives with her lovers, Marc and Wade, in a spacious luxury apartment overlooking the San Antonio Riverwalk. It is a lavish apartment, with Tuscan overtones…lots of color. Over lattes and homemade chocolate chip scones, I asked India about what her life is like living with two very different men.

MEL: Thanks for having me here today. And of course, many thanks for the wonderful scones.

INDIA: You are very welcomed. The guys really said I should have you over after you interviewed them.

MEL: I really enjoyed it. What woman in her right mind would say no to margaritas with those two men? One thing I noticed was just how different they are.

INDIA: Yes. In fact, it was probably one of the things that drew me to them to begin with.

MEL: In what way?

INDIA: Well, I met Wade first. There was an immediate interest on both our parts, although I was sure it was just normal flirting for him. He has never met a woman he didn’t try to charm.

MEL: Laughes.  Yeah, I got that feeling at our interview.

INDIA: Exactly. The man doesn’t really think that he is fllirting, it just comes naturally to him.   Whenever I take myself too seriously, Wade is there to shake me up. He makes sure that I know life is too short to worry over. Marc on the other hand is the thinker. He broods, he plots, he worries.

MEL: Yes, I got that. He seemed so much more…controlled than Wade.

INDIA: Blushes Yes, well, Marc is more of a dominant. He is the anchor of the three of us. Not that Wade and I are not grounded, but Marc really is the caretaker.

MEL: Is that all you get from him?

INDIA: No, definitely not. That is a huge part of it, but one thing Marc does really well is nurtures. He has a basic need to take care of people, and when all that energy is focused on you, it is amazing. But, I also get to the be silly one with him. He sometimes gets too serious, so I have to jerk him out of it. I don’t get that with Wade because, let’s face it, no one can out joke Wade.

MEL: I can imagine. Do you ever get overwhelmed being with two men?

INDIA: At times. It is still hard to handle when they get in my way. Sometimes, I don’t mind that, but I am a busy woman. I have a catering company that takes a huge amount of work. There has to be boundaries.

MEL: Do they always respect them?

INDIA: Laughes. Uh, no. They do for the most part, but sometimes, I do have to read them the riot act.

MEL: Did you ever think you would have two men for lovers?

INDIA: No. In fact, attracting two men, especially younger, gorgeous men, is foreign to me.

MEL: Does the age thing bother you?

INDIA: It did at first. But then, why would I mind having these two men, no matter what age they are. I love them, and I really cannot imagine life without them.

MARC: I have to say that I agree with you, darlin.

Both of us are surprised by the arrival of her men. Marc, ever the professional, is dressed in a steel gray suit, ivory shirt and red tie hanging loosely around his neck. He steps behind India’s chair and and bends over to kiss her. Dark blond hair cut ruthlessly short he still looks the same as his marine days from the pictures I have seen. His somber gray eyes with just a touch of wickedness are hard to ignore.

MARC: Hey, baby. He smiles at me. Hello, Melissa.

 Wade, casually dressed, a pair of pressed jeans, boots, and an unbottoned black shirt. He kisses India too. When he looks at the table a frown mars his pretty face. Black hair, chocolate eyes, his is my favorite kind of man.

WADE: Is that the last of the scones?

India laughes.

MARC: You can see where his interest lays.

INDIA: No, there are more. I just made these this afternoon. You need to say hi to Melissa.

Wade turns to face me.

WADE: Hey, Melissa. How are you doing?

For a moment, I can’t answer because whenever I am around these two, my brain is slow to react. I recover but not before he picks up on my reaction. His smile widens.

MEL: I’m fine. Actually, I think we were just about to finish up.

INDIA: You two go away. We are not completely done, and this isn’t about you. It’s about me.

Both of them do not look happy about that…but I get the feeling it is more about not being in India’s company that they don’t like. Another kiss for India from both of them, then they both excuse themselves, Wade heading to the kitchen and Marc heading to thier bedroom.

MEL: I have a personal question that you might not want to answer, so don’t if you don’t want to.

INDIA: That isn’t a problem. These days, I don’t do anything I don’t want to.

MEL: What are the sleeping arrangements? Is it always about the three of you?

INDIA: Shakes her head. First, this is a relationship. Yes, different than most other people experience, but definitely a relationship. We all have different needs and desires. While most of the time, we sleep in one big bed, a California King in the master bedroom, there are times when we need some one on one time. They never seem to discuss. Marc and Wade just seem to know when that is.

MEL: Well, thanks so much for the wonderful food and company. And, thank you for your honest answers.

INDIA: Thank you for coming over.

The interview I did for Marc and Wade can be read HERE. Their book Conquering India, is available in digital from Siren Publishing. It will be in print late this summer.