Hi. I’m Eden Maverick, one of Nikki’s tormented characters. I wonder if there should be a support group for us, complete with weekly meetings and mentors. I mean, she can be awful mean. Then again, she often redeems herself. Not always, but with most of us.

In my case, she recently reminded me of a valuable lesson. A lesson I relinquished in the sight of great personal trauma.

See, I used to be a take-it-all-in-stride-because-stressing-isn’t-going-to-make-it-better kind of gal. I hunted relics with my partner Andrew Corrigan. If it was American history related he would go after it. I’m the Biblical relic fiend.

There was an excitement that would surge through my veins heating my skin until the hair follicles itched. I felt so alive tracking ancient artifacts with Andrew. My life had purpose. I contributed to the education and entertainment of the public through donations and exhibits at museums. It was great right up until two years ago.

Everything came to a big, puss filled head worse than the biggest zit on the tip of your nose. Trust me. It was bad.

Andrew went on a hunt to never be heard from again – not like him at all. My sister was in the hospital, terminal with cancer. I missed him and watched her fade away. Then there were my… we’ll call them health issues. Health issues with the power to obliterate everything I believed in.

I didn’t realize though, until Andrew returned, that I’d lost that belief. I only saw the truth today, when Nikki pointed it out to me yet again. I tell my friend Breck he needs to go with the flow more often, but I haven’t been doing it. I’ve dug my heels into a trench of stubbornness and refused to step out.

I’ve chosen to rely solely on myself until Nikki forced me to see the need to allow other people in. Specifically to allow Andrew in – not that I’m ready to jump completely into that track. He and I still have some issues to work out. Or maybe they’re mine.

Anyway, I am learning the importance of letting go of what I can’t control. Andrew and I still have some darkness to get through, and hopefully I’ll be able to take Nikki’s advice. Hopefully she knows what she’s talking about and the advice actually helps me survive, mentally more than physically I think, the waiting drudge of dread.

Do you have any tips for me? Anything you do that helps you let go of things you can’t control? Do you have issues trusting other people? If you do, how do you know when to let that go? When to let them in?

It’s a confusing time for me. Any advice you have to offer would be a great help.


Eden is the heroine from RANSOMED HEARTS, which is the first book (currently un-contracted) in a spin off series from Sensory Ops. It’s still a romantic suspense, but not in the typical vein of a Nikki Duncan suspense. Keep your eyes and ears out for more from Eden and Andrew and maybe even Julie or Angelo in the coming months. They’re a fun group.