You know what men say about women not needing to know other women to become fast friends? We go to the bathroom in groups and all of that? Well, there’s some truth to it. I mean, if we go to the bathroom in groups it’s to talk about the men we’re with, the men we want to be with or the woman who treated us like shit five minutes earlier, but that’s not the point here. Anyway, it wasn’t long ago Ian and I went on a short vacation, what was supposed to be a quiet weekend getaway at a secluded resort. One thing’s for sure, it was secluded. Anyway, it was on this trip we came to know Heath, Grant and Joey (Josephina, but she doesn’t like to be called that.)

I’ve always admired strong women, and Joey certainly is one. Of course she would have to be to handle Grant and Heath. I adored all of them, and these guys make me smile even when they don’t mean to. Heath is all serious and mean, at least when people are looking. Grant seems to have a great time ribbing him. And Joey, well she has a way with them both.

Lucky woman, and lucky you because the three have allowed Melissa to tell their story. 🙂

Joey and Heath are stuck working together for a week in Florida. Not only will they be in each other’s presence more time than either of them would like, and when Heath’s old friend Grant shows up, things really get out of control. Too close for comfort, and too much temptation to resist, the three of them agree to a one-week affair. None of them wants entanglements, especially Joey who learned firsthand how to survive without help.

With each kiss, each touch, the three of them grow closer. By the time they return to Dallas, they aren’t ready to let go. Will the three of them be torn apart by fear, or will they risk their hearts to find happiness together?

DIGITAL ISBN: 978-1-59374-310-9
PRINT ISBN:978-1-60313-192-6