When Nikki asked me to blog today I almost told her no. She gives me a hard time often. It seemed only fair to flip the tables. She wore me down though, so here I am. And you know what, I am 100% in line with Kieralyn’s thinking that we should form a support group of Nikki’s characters.

In the meantime, I will just have to settle for tormenting her in my own ways. See, Nikki likes to listen to music when she writes. Thing is though, she doesn’t always get to pick the songs. When I came into her head, I came with Lady Gaga’s Love Game. I love that song. I even love Lady Gaga. She’s my role model–willing to be her crazy outrageous self. Too bad I have a black suit sort of job which demands a level of conformity. Which I think was Nikki’s way of forcing me to behave. Oh well, she gave me Dr. H and for that I can’t fault her. Entirely. He gives me a hard time too.

Anyway, because it’s what I do, torment people like Nikki when I find ways to slip a Disco Stick into conversations, here’s the video of Love Game. Enjoy. 🙂