Today, I asked Mila to let us know all about her favorite kind of music from the 20th and  21st century and why she had to pick the song she did for her theme song.


Hiya! Mel asked me to come on over and talk to you. Since Hunter and I are back on Earth, and I had the time, I thought it was a freaking fantastic idea.

Now, I tend to like the power music. See, I have this thing for guns…and big ships…and big men-that’s where Hunter comes in. I don’t exactly know where it came from, but for some reason, I go crazy over machinery. I am not the kind of woman who goes all all goey over a diamond. I mean, what good is a diamond unless you can trade it for some good hardware. A girl can never go wrong with too many guns or a really well decked out ship.

Back to the music. When Mel started writing me, I let her know I am not your typical pretty rich girl. Oh, I am pretty…that I will own up to. But, give me a good gun fight any day over a cocktail party and I am a happy girl. What in the seventh layer of hell would I need to go to parties for?

So, when I popped into Mel’s head, I made sure she understood I didn’t need some crazy romantic tunes to be my theme song. What courier needs that?  I wanted something that showed just what an ace fighter I am. And that is where Eminem came in. His Lose Yourself is definitely my song. Mel wasn’t too happy because, well, the woman gets migraines, and listening to the song while I let her write about me, gave her some pain. But there is nothing like the driving beat to get the blood pumping. Every one of my action scenes were written to the song or I just would not let it happen. Believe me, Mel called me a few names because of it…some of them I will not repeat here.

Oh, and Hunter wanted me to let you know his theme song, or the one that I hear all the time when I see him, is Holding Out For a Hero. If you know Hunter, you would understand. It is the song that both Mel and I hear whenever we see him. Of course, he isn’t too thrilled with the 1980’s goofy video, but sometimes, as Mel likes to say, you just have to suck it up. He did say he would like to see me in the white dress she wears but I told him to dream on. How can a girl run in that stupid thing?

Thanks for letting me post, Mel and Nikki, and here is a video with my song. It’s edited, which Mel knows I don’t like. I mean if you can’t cuss when someone is trying to kill you, when can you? But, she felt it was best just in case we have some sensitive readers. Just be sure to avoid my book if you are, because one thing I like next to a firefight and my Hunter is a good string of cussing.

Mila and Hunter can be found in my book Hunting Mila, which is in digital and print from Ellora’s Cave. If you want to watch their trailer, check it out!