Two descriptive words for many of my characters, so you can imagine my surprise when Kami and Kieralyn asked to do a joint blog today. I’m a bit worried about what they have in mind. From the moment they met they hit it off. With the more time they spend together the more antics they think up. Okay, I’m pretty worried about what these two have cooked up, but they wouldn’t tell me. I told you…


Kami: As if we’re the secretive ones. LOL

Kieralyn: Yeah, no kidding. She plans and plots and schemes behind our backs.

Kami: At least she didn’t make you pose as a call girl.

Kieralyn: No. She just knocked me out and left me in a burning kitchen. You know, she was much nicer to Ava. I’m going to have to figure out why that was.

Kami: I bet Ava would disagree with you on the nice part, sort of like I disagree with Nikki’s theory about herself.

Kieralyn: You mean the one about her not deserving her nickname?

Kami: No. The one she talked about on her blog the other day. Does she honestly think she is OCD?

Kieralyn: Oooooh, that one. She made me laugh because that sounded like a typical weekend for me. I mean, I knew there would be challenges living with Ian, but who could be more OCD than a blind man?

Kami: Certainly not Breck. Unless you count his office. It’s the only place he keeps clean. Well, and dishes. He’s pretty good at doing the dishes.

Kieralyn: And now you know why Ian prefers to have people over–when I manage to talk him into having company. Did you know that not only does he organize his clean clothes by color, he does the same with his dirty laundry? Honestly, it goes to the same cleaner and they label everything for him.

Kami: Are you kidding?

Kieralyn: No! He had dog tags made up for the hangers, just in case they mix them up in the bags. He takes the clothes and the tags to the cleaner. They put the tag on the new hanger.

Kami: That’s genius if you think about it. I always wondered how blind people matched their outfits.

Kieralyn: Ian is most definitely brilliant when it comes to overcoming his lack of sight and as great as he is, it’s been an adjustment to live with him. I mean, I love to move furniture and knick knacks and things around. You know, to constantly–

Kami: Freshen the look of the decor?

Kieralyn: Yes! I can’t do that at home. If I move things around, he could break a leg on a chair or light a plant on fire instead of a candle or knock a vase on the tile because he thinks he’s reaching for a bowl of grapes.

Kami: It definitely sounds like Ian out OCDs Nikki.

Kieralyn: He makes her look like an amateur, though I will give her points on the OCD scale. She is quite thorough in her cleaning and I’ve seen her desk.

Kami: So she’s a mix of Ian and Breck – sort of. LOL

Kieralyn: OMG, that is a scary thought.

Nikki: There are so many points I could argue with you two, but I’m not going there. Even though you did say I’m a mix of Breck and Ian. That’s like wet and dehydrated. Ebony and transparent. Not all bad I don’t guess.