Today I wanted to feature the hero from my first ever released book Grace Under Pressure. Ren is the local sheriff of a small Texas town with a wicked sense of humor and a bone deep goodness that makes a girl all gooey, especially our heroine Grace. He meets me in Cannon’s busiest restaurant, the Wagon Wheel. He is wearing snug fitting jeans and a blue denim shirt. He’s a tall man, most of it leg, with chocolate brown eyes and short, military cut black hair.

Mel: Thanks for taking time off today. I know being a small town sheriff keeps you hopping.

REN: smiles Yeah, I thought it would be easy to step into the job, easy work. But, when you are the head cop in a small town, everyone knows your name. And, unfortunately, your phone number.

Mel: It must have been a big change after working with big city crime.

REN: Yeah. I pretty much know everyone’s name here, so not much happens I don’t know about. Of course, that is a pro and con all wrapped up into one thing.

Mel: How so?

REN: The pro is that I recognize a stranger, someone out of place. When I lived in the city, everyone was a stranger. But then, that can be good in certain areas. Here, they know where I live, know my cell, and I know entirely too much about their personal lives.

Mel: Personal lives?

REN: You cannot be the sherriff and not know who is doing whom, if you get my drift.

Mel: I laugh Believe me, I understand that completely. So, what has been going on with you and Grace since you got married.

REN: Not much. Grace’s book about the whole situation that brought us together was a USA Today best seller for nonfiction. And, we are expecting our first kiddo, due in August.

Mel: August?

REN: nodding Yeah, I got read the riot act on that one. August, hot and right when school starts. But, I don’t think she really cares. She is a fat and happy pregnant woman.

Mel: Oh, you just called her fat.

REN: She’s pregnant.

Mel: I cross my arms and smirk You think she will care.

REN: Damn. I bet you’re right. I’ll just make sure she doesn’t read this.

Mel: Really, you think you can keep her from getting online?

REN: Smiles and winks at me. I have my ways of distracting her, believe me.

Mel: I laugh Well, I will let you get back to work, I can imagine you have a lot to do.

REN: Nods Yep, and soon Mrs Janey will be calling I’m sure.

Mel: Thanks for meeting with me.

REN: Anytime darling.

You can read all about Ren and Grace in Grace Under Pressure, from Samhain Publishing.