Hi. I’m Ava. I’m the newest member of the Specialized Crimes Unit led by Breck Lawson. I’ve been asked how it came to be that I jumped from one agency to another and what it’s like being the newest member of a well-oiled machine – it’s tough at times.

The jumping was easy, given that I was only a consultant for HSA. And though I never thought I’d enjoy working for the FBI, the new team is great. Actually, shifting into their routines was surprisingly simple. It helps that they have a willingness to indulge some of my habits – like following a case until I close it even if it means toeing the lines of procedure. I only toe the line though. Well, since joining Breck’s team. I’ll admit when I went under on the case that led me to them erasing the line worked better for me. But hey, it helped bring down the first layer of bad guys. Sure, some got away and I still haven’t found Lori yet, but she’s on my radar. I’m closing in and she will be recovered.

I’ve hit that point, the precipice, where one more piece of information will have all the pieces falling into place. I have the information, but a connection is missing. I know it’s there, though. I’ve likely seen it and discounted it, which means I pulled it out to look at again only to find nothing. I need to find something. Soon. Every day that I leave for home with no more answers is another night spent worrying that Breck will call a halt to my search the next morning when I walk into the office. I won’t face that. I can’t let him stop looking for Lori.

Of course, I think one reason he’s allowing me to look so ling is because of Trevor. Breck may be our team leader, but he’s loyal to the end and wants to see his best friend’s love recovered. More, he wants to see her safely recovered. Though we haven’t discussed the possibility that she’ll have been changed by whatever has happened to her, if she’s even alive. Still, answers are needed and we need them. I wonder if it’s too soon to follow up with Ian again. Maybe he’s found something. I’m ready to move this search to the next level.