You may remember Kieralyn’s best friend Lana from SOUNDS TO DIE BY, where she got herself kidnapped, or from A KILLING CUPID, where she became the bait to catch a serial killer. She’s bold and daring and an award winning reporter. She’s also a teeny bit cynical, so brace yourself for whatever she’s come up with.

Thanks for inviting me here, Nikki. First off, let me clarify something. I’m not cynical. I’m a realist. Especially when it comes to men.


Mel’s Mila talked a few weeks ago about her theme song. She even included a few videos and one got me to thinking. You guessed it. The one with women dancing around and singing about looking for a hero. I mean, what is a hero? Is there such a thing? And why do women think they need to be saved by a man? Men are what they are. And they’re complicated, secretive, emotionally unavailable creatures who are only interested in sex.

Fine, so Kieralyn would argue Ian isn’t that way. Kami would argue Breck isn’t that way most days. And they aren’t. With Kieralyn and Kami. So why can’t they behave the same way with everyone else? It’s not only me who thinks men act different with a woman they’re committed to than with a woman they are dating or sleeping with. And they again act different with their buddies and coworkers. Where is the consistency?

Don’t get me wrong. I like men, but I don’t understand women who act like they need to be saved. That only sets us up for disappointment. It feeds already oversized egos. Take Aidan.  Second in command of his FBI unit, he’s got skills. He would have to. He’s good looking if you like the Irish type. He’s also got several personalities. The “I’m with the guys” one. The “She’s a good friend” one. The “I want to see her panties” one. And then the “How can I make your life a confused mess with my bi-polar treatment” one.

See, from the first moment we met, Aidan has done nothing but give me grief. He treated me kindly until he knew I would survive my injuries from the kidnapping and then he turned into a domineering ass. He stuck with the domineering act all the way through the sting to catch a serial killer last Valentine’s Day. When that was over, he kissed me like a starved man. But I tasted fear and worry. He poured on the sweet “I want to see her panties” persona and when he’d gotten what he wanted… You guessed it. He didn’t call again. And if we were in the same room, thanks to shared friends, he would make damn sure he stayed on the other side of the room. Shoves his hands in his pockets, glares holes into me, and stays far away. I don’t get it. It’s not like I played the “Oh, you’re so strong and I can’t live without you” card.

Come on. This is a man who is viewed by women as a hero. Sure, he saves lives through his job, but how is that heroic? And how does his treatment of women make him any different from the masses of men who behave this way?

I wonder what his Irish mother would say if she knew about his behavior. Mine would be appalled.

I didn’t ask for his on again off again interest, and I will not fall for it again, but he does make me wonder if there are real heroes. Heroes who are strong, but willing to be a stable man and accept the love of a woman. Heroes who are smart, but willing to be with a woman equally as smart. Heroes who are tender, but willing to show that sweet side outside the bedroom.

Is that really so much to ask for? What do you think?