Hey, everyone! My name is Shana Adams Carlyle and I am from the future. Ha! I have always wanted to say that. Melissa wanted me to come on by and tell you how it feels to have voices in my head. She claims she goes through the same thing, but with characters. Not sure I believe her.  Anyway, I am telepathic. I can hear what people are thinking. Until recently, I did not use the abilities, so I am still a little rusty. I guess you need a little back story to understand.

Years ago, some crazy man tried to take over the world by using anyone with paranormal abilities. He wanted to create a perfect state where he was in control. Crazy bastard. Because of that, so many of our kind were hauled in and put into detention. They wanted to be sure we couldn’t use our abilities in nefarious ways. David, my brother, and I were sheilded by my folks. They taught us how NOT to listen to our sixth sense. Anyone with our abilities was rounded up and taken to detention. People were never seen after that. So, we learned to adapt, not use our abilities, until…both of us fell in love.

For me, I had no idea. Granted, hearing my live-by-the-rule-book boss fantasize about you in a meeting, is not the most pleasant way to find out my abilities had surfaced again. First, being a room filled with men and hearing those thoughts while I was giving a presentation was a bit disconcerting. I didn’t know who was thinking about me that way and well…some of the guys were just a bit creepy. I mean, one or two of them were old enough to be my grandfather. Years of making sure I never let anyone outside the family know about my abilities was the only thing that saved me. But, then, when I started to hear his voice when we were alone, so I knew it was him.

When you aren’t used to hearing the voices, it is a bit disconcerting. Thankfully, Marcus didn’t know I could hear him at first. He definitely would have turned me in. Not that he’s a bad guy, but Marcus plays by the rules…at least until we got together. But, I am digressing. I had not heard voices in my head since I was a child, so being almost thirty, it threw me for a loop. Conversation is going on on around you, but there is that inner conversation everyone is thinking. It is as if there were several conversations going on, and it almost drove me crazy. But now that I have the ability back, I don’t want to give it up. Marcus worked hard to allow our kind to be able to work with the government to help thwart some evil dudes, but we are still not accepted. So, for the most part, I use my abilities to work. I don’t let others know. And well…that allows me to hear their thoughts without them knowing, ha! I am kind of devious like that.  And just for my nosey neighbor…yes, we really DO make that much noise when making love. Get a life.

I have come to appreciate my abilities because they allow me to help my husband at work. We both work in security for the government and being able to hear what people are thinking is a huge advantage. I’m just glad I am not like my brother David who FEELS eveything. UGH, that would be horrible IMHO.

Off to work right now. Marcus is standing next to my computer and giving me dirty looks as he glances at his watch. The man is never late for anything!

You can read all about Shana, David and Letty in the anthology Telepathic Cravings from WCP TORRID.