Nikki blogged yesterday about a new fave show of hers. I have to say, I too love the show.

Yes, I watch TV, though more accurately I listen to TV. This is a smartly written show. It’s fun. And like Nikki mentioned, I have a few things in common with a character.

I also enjoy how it breaks the stereotypical mindset that blind people, or other people with a handicap, are somehow “less”.  It’s like I tole Kieralyn when we first met. A disability doesn’t have to slow a person down. Think about it. People get along every day with broken legs or broken arms or eye injuries requiring an eye patch. Why would a loss of any one be any different? We learn to adapt.

Even my Kieralyn is adapting. Since being around me, her hearing and her sense of smell is sharper. She picks up on changes in a room much faster than before. Of course, I can only be grateful for that because it’s unsettling to kiss my fiancee good-bye every morning and worry about what she’ll face during her day. I don’t allow myself to dwell on the worry, but it’s there. It’s something else I’ve learned to adapt to.