Today, we have a blog from the heroine of my first ever contracted book, The Hired Hand: Marlow Smith Campbell. Be sure to check out my blog from yesterday where we talk about dares and if you would take one. Free book up for grabs.

So, I guess since Melissa decided to goof off in Maine for a week, she has me writing this blog, lol. I am only joking. I recognize a hard working woman as I am one myself. For years I was my father’s right hand at our grocery store chain in Texas. You would have not known it by my father’s behavior. Don’t get me wrong, I love my father. When I was a child, I spent hours with him at the store, and I looked up to him. He was a self-made man, one that started with nothing. He built his grocery chain with a lot of hard work, but he is also a man from another era. He never saw me as someone who could take over the chain when he retired. He’s not a man who doesn’t believe women deserve the same pay as men. In fact, he had female managers for some of his stores long before other chains. But, when it came to me, he just could not see me taking over the chain. And part of it was my fault.

For so many years, I didn’t think for myself. I did all the school activities my parents picked out for me, went to the university they wanted me to, and even married a man they picked. I think my marriage falling apart was the first big ripple and the first time I thought for myself. I know. Sad, isn’t it. I was in my twenties and I made my first really big life decision. Then, when Joey left me in Dallas with nothing but a dress that was too short and barely anything else, I came face to face with my second big life decision. Truthfully, I didn’t know it at the time. I mean, what person would say going to fire a giggolo was a life decision? Only a whakadoodle, I’m sure. But, if I hadn’t gone, I wouldn’t have met Liam. While Liam wasn’t the giggolo, I did spend the night with him. It wasn’t until he showed up in Abilene in his real job as a business consultant that I really started making those decisions for myself.

Liam wasn’t a man I would normally date. He was…is a flirt. He probably lost count of the number if women he’s been to bed with. No…knowing Liam, he probably kept some kind of record, lol. But, seriously, he was a bit of a manwhore. He liked women. No. He loved women, still does. But, it was when he came back into my life and we fell in love, that I really started to realize I wasn’t thinking for myself. I would have never dated a man like Liam if it had not been for Joey’s birthday gift. Not because I didn’t find him attractive. I did, right off the bat. No, this was because I knew what my parents would think. Well, and the fact that my one real relationship was with a man who couldn’t stand to be in bed with  me. Well, it was mostly mutual as we were best friends who grew up together…but that is another story for another day.

So, you have one repressed woman who always does what her folks expect of her and one flirt who will not take no for an answer and what do you get? Love. Fall head over your heels into a vat of lust kind of love. And it was because of that, I started thinking for myself. I realized that I could never do what my father wanted and I needed a new start. And that started me on the wonderful like I have now with Liam and Heath and Joey running our new company. It would have never happened if I hadn’t finally gotten the nerve to think for myself.