I tried to catch up to Ian and Kieralyn for an updated interview before hitting the road to RWA Nationals, but we couldn’t all connect, so I thought I’d post this earlier interview with them. Some of you may have already seen it on my website, but they’re still fun.

Their story releases in print next Tuesday, so we’ll be meeting to come up with something fun up with them then. 🙂

: Thank you guys for meeting with me today.
Kieralyn: It’s always fun to spend time with you.
Ian: Next time, trap me someplace public.
Kieralyn: If you weren’t so against people coming to the house I wouldn’t have had to trick you. You’re too much of a recluse.
Ian I’m not a recluse.
Kieralyn: You are when it comes to company coming over.
Ian: Just keep that in mind when you get it in your head to make friends.

And here I thought Ian was just protective of his lab. LOL I’m not fooled though. He’s no recluse. He wants to be with her. He hasn’t moved more than a foot from her side since I showed up–and not because he sees me as a threat.

Nikki: Ian, the first time that Kieralyn came into your lair–I mean lab– what was going through your mind?
Ian: Are you kidding? I was just pissed that she’d interrupted me. The woman needs to learn her boundaries. (Ian turns and shakes his head and Kieralyn, but he’s smiling.)
Kieralyn: I need to learn boundaries? Do you not remember your inability to recognize boundaries that night we went to the jazz club?
Ian: As if you minded my hands.
Kieralyn: Not the point, and then there were your innuendos.
Ian: Again, as if you minded. Do you recall where we ended up that night?
Kieralyn: Very well, thank you. But Nikki didn’t come to hear about that.

As if I need to hear about it. One look at Kieralyn’s face tells me they ended up in bed.

Nikki: Kieralyn, what were you thinking when you first met Ian?
Ian: She was too busy thinking about how hot I am to think. (Kierlyn slaps Ian and rolls her eyes.)
Kieralyn: You know, that meeting didn’t start out so well. I wasn’t in the most accomodating of moods.
Ian: HA! That’s putting it mildly. You were insulting.
Kieralyn: And you were an arrogant jerk. (Kierlyn turns back to me.) I was certain he wasn’t going to help, and I couldn’t get a read on him. He keeps it very dark in his lab.
Ian: It’s not like I need light.
Kieralyn: True. Besides you look very sexy and sort of eerie when the lights from your control panel hit your eyes and the shadows of your face.
Ian: See, I told you she noticed I’m hot.

And he is very hot and more sexy with his scars and shaved head. He’s rugged and a bit of a scoundrel, but he’s there’s a tender heart lurking. And watching these two together, ha, it’s like watching a dueling couple in a romantic comedy. Kieralyn has a Meg Ryan sort of spunk when Ian gets her wound up. I’d bet he sets out each day looking for ways to rile her up.

Nikki: Ian, I understand that you initially rejected Kieralyn’s plea for help. What made you change your mind?
Ian: Are you kidding? There was a passionate woman in my lab who’d managed to get past Dante–something that no one else has ever managed to do.
Kieralyn: Though he didn’t help graciously.
Ian: You followed me home and then to the club.
Kieralyn: You wouldn’t have been going to the club without my recording. I wouldn’t have followed you if you hadn’t held back what you knew.
Ian: Are we going to get into that again?
Kieralyn: No need. You know you were wrong. (She bumps her shoulder against his playfully.)
Ian: That’s all right.  I still got you.

He linked his fingers with hers on the table and she glows from his attention. She scoots her chair closer to his and leans against his side. I’m not sure they could be a better match.

Nikki: Ian, the NSA spent a ot of money building you that lab. Why? What makes you so good at your job?
Ian: I’m the best.
Kieralyn: And so humble about it. Tell her what makes you the best.
Ian: Fine. You’ve heard of people with photographic memories?
Nikki: Sure.
Ian: Well, I have an audiographic memory. I hear a sound and I remember it. Each place had a distinct soundtrack if you will based on the setup, decorations, and acoustics of the place. And just like each person has a distinct voice pattern they also have a distinct sound to their heartbeat.
Nikki: Are you telling me that you can identify a person by the beat of their heart?
Ian: Yeah, but I can also tell you a little about that person’s personality.
Nikki: Then I have to ask. What does my heartbeat tell you about me? (He cocks his head to the side and concentrates for a minute.)
Ian: You’re a risk taker, and though you’re sometimes impulsive, you think a lot about your actions and what you want. You’re logical and organized. You work from your feelings which likely contributes to your creativity.
Nikki: Okay, that’s eerily accurate.
Ian: I’ve had years of practice.
I can imagine how good that makes you and your job. I think it also explains how you were able to walk through the crowds of Miami without hesitation or slamming into people.
Ian: Kieralyn told you that story.
Kieralyn: And how you circled around on me.

Anyone watching them would know that even in the beginning Kieralyn admired and respected Ian’s ability to do things for himself without help. He’d been lugging in boxes and moving with no hesitation when I arrived. It’s awe-inspiring to watch him. It was inspiring now to watch him sit with his fiance wrapped in his arms with love softening his face and desire darkening those captivating eyes of his.

Nikki: Okay, so Kieralyn, has Ian changed since you met him?
Kieralyn: No. He’s still as cocky as he was that first day.
Ian: And you’re still a pain in the ass.
Kieralyn: But you love me.
Ian: Good thing for you.
Kieralyn: As if you’re doing me a favor. You’re lucky I was willing to take you on.
Ian: Please. Any woman would kill to be with me.
Kieralyn: Which explains why you were still single when I met you. You see what I mean, Nikki, about the cockiness?
Nikki: Um, I think I’ll stay out of this one, but I do have another question for you guys.

Assuming they can focus their mushy I’m-in-love-faces on me. Things are starting to heat up in the kitchen, and it has nothing to do with an argument if you know what I mean.

Ian: Ask fast.
His hand is traveling under the table now and her cheeks are turning pink. Good lord. This man has no problem with people. He just doesn’t want anyone intruding on his time with her.
Nikki: When did you know that you loved each other?
Ian: I started falling the first time I heard her heartbeat, though it took me a little longer to realize it. She’s dedicated. Passionate.
Okay. There was a heavy emphasis on that passionate mention. I’m not sure I want–or need–more details.
Kieralyn: I knew when I woke up in the hospital and saw a bouquet of balloons and cookies instead of flowers. He’d pulled me from a burning building, facing his greatest fear. It’s hard not to love a man willing to do that for you.

Kieralyn trails off and turns to Ian. I think I’ll leave it to the imagination what happens next, because I’m hightailing it out of here. These two create flames.