I talked Ian into blogging today. When I was in Florida this week, he and Kieralyn joined me for an afternoon in downtown Disney for some shopping. And we all know men aren’t really keen on shopping to begin with. Ian seemed to be even less keen than most. He tries to blame me. It was really Kieralyn who got crazy carried away. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 

I will give Disney props for making things easier on a blind man by having a Braille map of the place, but that’s where the simplicity ended. For that, I do blame you, Nikki.

You and Kieralyn both failed to mention she was a compulsive collector of all things Disney. And why, why, would they put that Christmas store right inside the gates where they drop people off? You women LOVE Christmas. Even your friend Heather, who I’d thought would be level-headed got giddy and excited and oohed and aahed over things in that place.

The Christmas store. The hunt for anything Peter Pan. The hunt for Donald Duck. The kids running around the toy stores hopped up on the thrill of wanting another toy and another and another. The dads arguing with the moms, begging them to please not bankrupt them with yet another toy. Me begging Kieralyn to please not bankrupt us, or buy so much there was no room for us in the car.

You know she is still trying to sort out everything she bought? I can’t walk in the house without bumping into more Disney things she has spread out. And I think I’m a little grateful I can’t see the mess. I wouldn’t like it at all.

I’ll give you this much, though. You know how to pick a restaurant for lunch. That crab was amazing. And the spread they gave you with crackers? Kieralyn has made a large batch of it for us. That alone probably made the trip worthwhile. But I’m not about to go back real soon.

You’re right, Ian. That lunch was amazing. And don’t worry about the Disney goodies. Kieralyn will have them sorted out and put away soon. She’s as OCD as I am that way. And at least she’s making you that spread. That was great. And even with your torment, you were a blast to hang out with. It’s always fun to catch up with you.

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