Kieralyn Beckett is here today. She’s talking Disney adn weddings. Guess we know where her mind is these days.

Of course my mind is on weddings. I’m preparing to marry my hero and it takes time to do these things correctly. Did you know you could get married at Disney World? We’re talking a real Cinderella wedding with the horse drawn carriage to deliver you to your prince. I think that would be very cool. Ian on the other hand wants something a little more understated. He says he’s partial to the small wedding on the beach.

So, I’ve set aside my Disney wedding fantasy and have tweaked his quiet wedding idea a little. But don’t tell him what I’m planning quite yet. He still thinks it’s all going his way – silly man.

He does know I have a friend designing a dress for me. I’ve asked her for classy, fun, and practical for a beach wedding, but still elegant. No small order, I know. She’ll also be working on the bridesmaid dresses and we’ve agreed it would be cool to incorporate their dress colors into mine somehow.

Thsi is my basic dress only the sash around the waist is a little deeper purple than the pillow behind her. The bridesmaids will have the same basic dress in the same purple, only there’s will be a little shorter (starting mid-shin and tapering down to the ground in the back.) And of course, I’ll get to have those lovely purple flowers in my bouquet.

What do you think?