I was lucky to catch the heroine from my latest work in progress with a little downtime. I’m not sure of her state of mind. I’ve left her in a vulnerable situation.

You know what’s fun about being one of Nikki’s characters? There’s never any telling where she’ll be inspired, or how that inspiration will extend to us.

Hi. I’m Danica Kent, one of the most recent voices in Nikki’s head. I’ve been told I look like Malin Ackerman (thanks to salons and braces). I’m a doctor who recently moved back to my home town of Whispering Cove, Maine, and I still have a crazy mad crush on Braydon Mitchell – the boy who’s attention I couldn’t get in school. It’s time for our ten year reunion, so classmates are trickling back into town and the game of catching up is on.

I bet you’re not here to hear about the fun of seeing the shock on people’s face when they realize I am the dark haired geek who forgot how to talk around Braydon. But the reunion and Braydon sort of inspired this post. See, recently a wicked questions went around in Nikki’s world and inspired her to mess with Braydon and me.

The question: Where’s the craziest place you’ve ever had sex?

One response: I want to do it on the deck of a boat with the sun shining on our skin.

Another response: I’ll take the boat beneath the glitter of stars.

I’ve always had a fantasy about boats, and I’m not too picky about day or night as long as there’s not an audience. Did I mention Braydon lives on a 40′ sailboat? And Nikki is a masterful schemer. 😉

So tell me, what is the craziest place you’ve ever done it. Chat it up and maybe I can talk Nikki into giving one chatter a sneak peak into our story. I don’t want you watching, but you can read about it after the fact.