I know it is normally out of character, pun intended, to just chat about our characters, but I thought I would today. I have been working on my next Harmless book, and I thought a few characters would be the first Harmelss menage story. Sadly, on my way home from THE HAPPY PLACE, I heard two songs. One was Colbie Caillat’s I Never Told You. Right there, I knew whatever story was coming to me would be a reunion story. And I realized that it was a reunion story about Devon, a character who has popped up in the present Harmless story. I thought he would be the second guy of a menage. Then, his heroine came screaming to me in Sara Evan’s new release, A Little Bit Stronger. I knew then that these two had a history and I can imagine just what it was. Devon is one of those standup guys and I have a feeling that he walked away to “save her,” but doesn’t tell her anything else. Yeah, that is going to go over so well when she runs into him again.

It pissed me off. Honestly, I was grumpy for about half an hour afterward. I wanted Devon to be part of a Jess/Zeke menage, but there is one thing I have learned through my years of writing is not to force things. I need to go with the flow of writing, what feels right, and as aggravating as it is, I am going to let it happen the way they want it to happen. I might be pissy about it for the next few days…months, but I know now that Devon’s story is one of sacrifice.

Characters have a mind of their own. Granted, it took me a few years to understand that. Being the Capricorn that I am, I like to control. I like everyone to march to my drummer, and you better do it the way I tell you! So, writing really departs from my normal control issues. It took me a few years to realize I have to allow things to happen. If you do not understand how the Capricorn mind works, that is a HUGE step. Ask my husband. As a military wife, I rarely have control over anything, so I drive him crazy over the small things I can control. But, I digress…

When I finally let my characters talk to me, allow them to lead me to where they want to go, my writing grew. I am a character driven writer. I think that you can have the best plot in the world, but it is boring as hell if the characters are boring.  Just my humble opinion. Now, do I let them have control over the plot? Hell, no. What do you take me for, a CANCER? Lord, no. But I do allow their personalities to come through. So, here is my first mini interview with Devon King.


Devon King is a man with a lot to be thankful for. He is the creator of Strike Force One, the top selling computer game of 2008, and his newest release, King’s Dominion, is slated for release next spring. The presales are beating every record set before him which has will increase his wealth. With his diverse holdings, no one is quite sure how much he is worth, but it reaches into the billions. He is a gorgeous one, with dark hair, sharp blue eyes and a muscular build. At six foot, he is an imposing figure. He shows very little emotion other than cynical amusement.

ME: So, I understand you used to be in the CIA.

DEVON: Classified.

:::I roll my eyes:::

Me: I was thinking you would be part of my story of Jess and Zeke.

::: One dark eyebrow raises:::

Devon: Not that I wouldn’t join in the fun…

:::I sigh:::

Me: And just what are you holding out for? I mean, you like Jess, that much is obvious and she is definitely into you and computer games. Hell, she is turned on by the fact that you hacked into the FBI database.

:::his lip curls up on one side and I feel the power of it all the way to my toes:::

Devon: Yeah? Well, still not for me.

Me: Then who is for you?

:::Devon’s eyes flicker with regret. But it is gone in the next instant.:::

Devon: Not everyone has a soulmate.

:::With that, he leaves me and totally pisses me off:::


So, you can see we are going to have a bumpy road together<G>.  But, I just wanted to give you a glimpse into the life I lead with my PITA characters.