So, I talked last week about how I was going to miss Ian while I was out of town with Nikki. I was looking forward to the trip, but was all geared up for some bummed out moments. At the parties I would miss Ian touching me when we danced. At night I would miss him holding me in bed. At breakfast I would miss playing footsies under the table and the way his eyes spark when he laughs at something I say, but I knew he wouldn’t want to be at a Reader Appreciation Weekend with 200 women.

Or so I thought.

My man showed up a few hours after me, never having said a word about his plans to be there. Now, he didn’t hang out with us much, but what sane man would want to? Though he did miss getting to see some uber hot and sexy outfits. Not that I minded his lack of ogling. 🙂

RAW was a blast and Nikki stayed very busy entertaining her readers by dancing and laughing and riding the mechanical bull at the bar down the street. The amazing thing to many people seemed to be that she willingly acted crazy without courage from a bottle. lol

But as much fun as I had, I am thrilled my man came to be with me. His willingness to endure the giggles and squeals and screams is just another reason I love him.