You know, there have been times in my life I’ve thought having the power to turn invisible would be cool. Lately, well a lot longer than just lately actually, I’ve been thinking I possess the power without knowing it. And I don’t like it a damn bit.

My name is BD Harte. I am one of the first characters to come into Nikki’s life and though she insists she still loves me, and she insists she has plans for me and my sexy heroine Maggie, she has yet to make me a priority. So I ask you, what does it take to get a little attention around here? Am I screwed because I don’t have some special paranormal ability? I’m not a witch or wizard or weremoose. I’m just a regular man wanting to catch a killer and find a happy ending. Does she not pay attention to me because she’s lost a fondness thanks to the shine and glitz of the new characters entering her world?

I’m thinking the reason doesn’t matter as much as her actions. Isn’t that the right cliche – actions speak louder than words? Well, I’m sick and damn tired of the lip service Nikki has been paying me. I want action. No more of the “Yes, I know you’re there” or “Just give me a little more time” and “I’m still working on my plan for you.” I’ll give you a plan, Nikki. It requires action on your part. Get to my story already. Prove you love me and Maggie. Prove your intentions behind your plans, because I’m losing faith in you.

Sincerely fed up,