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In The Villain’s Mind with Lana Quinn

When I was thinking about who should blog for me this week, I remembered Lana mentioning an interview she’d been working on. You may remember Lana’s guts for going after the tough stories. She’s the one who brought the trafficked women case to Kieralyn’s attention in SOUNDS TO DIE BY. She also put herself in the path of the Valentine killer to help the FBI stop the serial killer. She’s gutsy, and I think in comparison to the serial killer, this interview will be easy for her.

Thanks for having me back, Nikki. This is one interview I want to see broadcast far and wide. This is one criminal who doesn’t need to be on the streets. Madame V almost cost some close friends their lives, so I was eager to get this opportunity. She wasn’t easy to pin down for the interview, and she wasn’t what I would call cooperative, but I am pleased with the end result.

Madame V, thank you for meeting with me. May I call you, V?

Madamve V:     I had little choice, and no. You may call me Madame V. (I’d been warned she was a hardass. You should see the snarl curdling her mouth. And yes, I meant curdling, because this is grossly beyond a curl.)

Lana:     As you wish. (With a name like Madame V it’s easy to tell she’s a dominant personality. May as well give her a little something.)

Madame V:     Great. (She stands, signalling an end to our story.) I wish this over.

Lana:     Sorry. (I point to the empty chair.) Your ass is mine for the next hour if I choose to take that long.

Madame V:      I don’t like you.

Lana:     I’ve heard that before. (Believe me, the feeling is mutual, but I’ll not allow her to bully me.) Let’s move on.

(Madame V only stares at me.)

Lana:    How did you get into the business of being a madam?

Madame V:    I’m a business woman. (She sits back down, holding herself as if she is running a boardroom.) I saw a need I could fill and went for it.

Lana:     Have you ever escorted your clients, or do you leave that to your…staff?

Madame V:     I’ve done everything I’ve ever asked my girls to do.

Lana:    It would be great if every boss was like that.

Madame V:     I am better than most. 

Lana:    (And humble.) Tell me, does that mean you yourself have seduced men for the purpose of killing them?

(Madame V jerks forward in her chair and points a finger at me. She’s filed the tips of her nails to a sword’s point, but I’ve seen worse and refuse to back away.)

Lana:     Seems I’ve hit a tender chord.

Madame V:     I am not answering that.

Lana:     I’ll take that as a yes. People with nothing to hide have no reason for evasions. (Her lips purse together and enhance the lines of sour rage puckering her face.)

Madame V:     Ask your next question.

Lana:     (She isn’t going to like this one either.) You had a young woman working for you. Lori. Did you have her killed when she refused to kill for you?

Madame V:     (She raises a fist. I tilt my head and smile, daring her to hit me. She lowers it shakily to her lap.) Bitch, I don’t like your insinuation.

Lana:     It was a straight forward question. Is this evasion another unspoken agreement.

Madame V:     No. I did not have that double crosser killed. Death is too good for her.

Lana:     Wow. Do you feel that strongly about all the women who cross you?

Madamve V:     I’ve no tolerance for it.

Lana:     You must hate Kami and Ava.

Madame V:     If I ever get the chance I’ll kill both those whores with my own hands.

Lana:     Well, I guess it’s a good thing I have a record of that. Going after a Fed can’t be a smart idea.

Madame V:     (She stands again, breathing harshly.) This interview is over.

Lana:     I have everything I need. By the way, if their posing as call-girls to stop a murderer makes them whores, what does that make you?

I’m sure you can imagine I did not get an answer to that last question, not that I expected one. Would have been fun though. And I think you can see from her answers why I want this interview published. Madame V does not need to ever be a member of society again.


Downtown Disney Isn’t Magical For the Blind Man

I talked Ian into blogging today. When I was in Florida this week, he and Kieralyn joined me for an afternoon in downtown Disney for some shopping. And we all know men aren’t really keen on shopping to begin with. Ian seemed to be even less keen than most. He tries to blame me. It was really Kieralyn who got crazy carried away. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 

I will give Disney props for making things easier on a blind man by having a Braille map of the place, but that’s where the simplicity ended. For that, I do blame you, Nikki.

You and Kieralyn both failed to mention she was a compulsive collector of all things Disney. And why, why, would they put that Christmas store right inside the gates where they drop people off? You women LOVE Christmas. Even your friend Heather, who I’d thought would be level-headed got giddy and excited and oohed and aahed over things in that place.

The Christmas store. The hunt for anything Peter Pan. The hunt for Donald Duck. The kids running around the toy stores hopped up on the thrill of wanting another toy and another and another. The dads arguing with the moms, begging them to please not bankrupt them with yet another toy. Me begging Kieralyn to please not bankrupt us, or buy so much there was no room for us in the car.

You know she is still trying to sort out everything she bought? I can’t walk in the house without bumping into more Disney things she has spread out. And I think I’m a little grateful I can’t see the mess. I wouldn’t like it at all.

I’ll give you this much, though. You know how to pick a restaurant for lunch. That crab was amazing. And the spread they gave you with crackers? Kieralyn has made a large batch of it for us. That alone probably made the trip worthwhile. But I’m not about to go back real soon.

You’re right, Ian. That lunch was amazing. And don’t worry about the Disney goodies. Kieralyn will have them sorted out and put away soon. She’s as OCD as I am that way. And at least she’s making you that spread. That was great. And even with your torment, you were a blast to hang out with. It’s always fun to catch up with you.

SOUNDS TO DIE BY, Ian and Kieralyn’s story, releases in Print today! Buy it now!

The New Kid’s Determination

Hi. I’m Ava. I’m the newest member of the Specialized Crimes Unit led by Breck Lawson. I’ve been asked how it came to be that I jumped from one agency to another and what it’s like being the newest member of a well-oiled machine – it’s tough at times.

The jumping was easy, given that I was only a consultant for HSA. And though I never thought I’d enjoy working for the FBI, the new team is great. Actually, shifting into their routines was surprisingly simple. It helps that they have a willingness to indulge some of my habits – like following a case until I close it even if it means toeing the lines of procedure. I only toe the line though. Well, since joining Breck’s team. I’ll admit when I went under on the case that led me to them erasing the line worked better for me. But hey, it helped bring down the first layer of bad guys. Sure, some got away and I still haven’t found Lori yet, but she’s on my radar. I’m closing in and she will be recovered.

I’ve hit that point, the precipice, where one more piece of information will have all the pieces falling into place. I have the information, but a connection is missing. I know it’s there, though. I’ve likely seen it and discounted it, which means I pulled it out to look at again only to find nothing. I need to find something. Soon. Every day that I leave for home with no more answers is another night spent worrying that Breck will call a halt to my search the next morning when I walk into the office. I won’t face that. I can’t let him stop looking for Lori.

Of course, I think one reason he’s allowing me to look so ling is because of Trevor. Breck may be our team leader, but he’s loyal to the end and wants to see his best friend’s love recovered. More, he wants to see her safely recovered. Though we haven’t discussed the possibility that she’ll have been changed by whatever has happened to her, if she’s even alive. Still, answers are needed and we need them. I wonder if it’s too soon to follow up with Ian again. Maybe he’s found something. I’m ready to move this search to the next level.

Nikki: Thank you for being here, Breck. I’m a little surprised you agreed to join me today.

Breck: You should be. I only agreed because Kami adores you so much. You’re gonna need to make it quick though. We’re working a case that needs my attention.

Nikki: You see the irony of her power over you, right?

Breck: I see you think my downfall is humorous.

Nikki: I wouldn’t have called it a downfall, but okay. So tell us, why are you so stand-offish when it comes to women?

Breck: Have you met your kind? You women play mind games and trick men into doing things they wouldn’t normally do. This interview for example. I play the political game when needed for work, but to be open to any question you ask… That’s all on Kami.

Nikki: It’s funny. Your words are disdainful, but your tone is gentle and humored. You don’t mind being here as much as you claim. And with Ava and Kieralyn in your daily life…

Breck: There’s no escaping smart-mouthed women. Just keep telling yourself I enjoy it and as your next question?

Nikki: So be it, though my next question is from one of those women in your life. Did you ever have a girlfriend named Pert?

Breck: Damn it. Which one was it? Kieralyn? Has to be Kieralyn.

Nikki: I promised not to tell, but there are other women in your life.

Breck: Damn. Eden. Did you get a hold of Eden? No. She wouldn’t ask that. Had to be Kieralyn.

Nikki: That’s my secret. And I’ll take your non answer as a yes.

Breck: What’s your next question.

Nikki: Well, I’ll do you the favor of skipping the one about your preferred shampoo. Let’s go next to how you feel about having your story written? How do you feel about such a large part of your life being out there, immortalized in print, for everyone to see?

Breck: I wish it weren’t.

Nikki: Oh come on. Give me more than that.

Breck: Fine. It doesn’t bother me like I thought it would. You did a nice job of staying true to the facts. And I’ll go a step farther. I don’t even mind that you spilled all the personal details. You showed me in a nice light.

Nikki: LOL. I’m actually quite glad you approve.

Breck: Sure you are. Now, I’ll give you one more question, and then I must get back to work.

Nikki: Works for me. This question too comes from someone else. What is your favorite weapon to use? Is it true stabbing is more personal?

Breck: Shit. (laughing) That one had to come from the dirty mind of Ava, because no way do I believe it refers to guns or knives.

Nikki: For what it’s worth, it wasn’t from Ava, but she does have some interesting thought processes.

Breck: Hmm. For what it’s worth, stabbing is very personal.

Nikki: lol. You know what I like about you, Breck? You’re funnier than you think you are and it crops up at unexpected moments.

Breck: The funny ones are the people I work with, but I did have a good time today. I’m glad I agreed to talk with you.


If you haven’t read Breck’s story, SCENT OF PERSUASION, it can be found here. He’s quite good at his job, and much funnier than he believes. 🙂