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An Unexpected Family

Hi. I’m Ava Malia, the newest addition to the FBI Specialized Crime Unit. Nikki has been kind enough, though I didn’t always consider it a kindness, to introduce me to Dr. H. And yes, that’s really his name. Well, unless you get to know him very well. He allows a select few to call him something a little different, but that’s not my point here today.

I was going to talk about how my life has changed since meeting Nikki. See, when we first met, I was working as a call-girl. How’d I get into that you ask? Well, I working contract for a company and when some issues arose, they sent me in as an escort. I never dreamed agreeing to the extremely unorthodox assignment would lead to where I am today.

On that job I met Kami Evans, who is now a great friend. Kami was having some trouble and I was able to help her out a little. Not as much as her new fiancee Breck, but I did help. And I’m going to keep helping. See, her step-brother was killed and though there has been some progress on the case and I’ve joined Breck’s FBI team we haven’t completely snipped the loose ends. One such loose end was Dr. H.

Dr. H is a bit of a mystery, even to me still. The man hates secrets, but he is one. A loner in the world, except for keeping his sister close, he’s guarded. Suspicious of pretty much everyone. And I think he has a right to be. Only by repeated proof will he allow himself to trust someone enough to open up to them, and even then he holds part of himself back as much as he can. His life has been rough, but I’m determined to help him keep smoothing it out.

What has surprised Dr. H and me, is how connected we became and how quickly. With a kiss, and I don’t mean this in a cliche way, he shattered everything I thought I knew about myself and my world. His touch awakened a part of me I didn’t know existed and I have to say I’m grateful for it. With the discovery of our connection, and the exploration of the discovery, we’ve found in each other a family we never expected.

I have my blood family, who I love, but I am learning to cherish the family I’ve found in my new team and with Dr. H and Dana and our shared abilities. I never knew there were so many kinds of family. I’m loving the journey.

Thank you, Nikki for showing me this new world. And for giving me Dr. H to help me embrace my uniqueness.


In The Villain’s Mind with Lana Quinn

When I was thinking about who should blog for me this week, I remembered Lana mentioning an interview she’d been working on. You may remember Lana’s guts for going after the tough stories. She’s the one who brought the trafficked women case to Kieralyn’s attention in SOUNDS TO DIE BY. She also put herself in the path of the Valentine killer to help the FBI stop the serial killer. She’s gutsy, and I think in comparison to the serial killer, this interview will be easy for her.

Thanks for having me back, Nikki. This is one interview I want to see broadcast far and wide. This is one criminal who doesn’t need to be on the streets. Madame V almost cost some close friends their lives, so I was eager to get this opportunity. She wasn’t easy to pin down for the interview, and she wasn’t what I would call cooperative, but I am pleased with the end result.

Madame V, thank you for meeting with me. May I call you, V?

Madamve V:     I had little choice, and no. You may call me Madame V. (I’d been warned she was a hardass. You should see the snarl curdling her mouth. And yes, I meant curdling, because this is grossly beyond a curl.)

Lana:     As you wish. (With a name like Madame V it’s easy to tell she’s a dominant personality. May as well give her a little something.)

Madame V:     Great. (She stands, signalling an end to our story.) I wish this over.

Lana:     Sorry. (I point to the empty chair.) Your ass is mine for the next hour if I choose to take that long.

Madame V:      I don’t like you.

Lana:     I’ve heard that before. (Believe me, the feeling is mutual, but I’ll not allow her to bully me.) Let’s move on.

(Madame V only stares at me.)

Lana:    How did you get into the business of being a madam?

Madame V:    I’m a business woman. (She sits back down, holding herself as if she is running a boardroom.) I saw a need I could fill and went for it.

Lana:     Have you ever escorted your clients, or do you leave that to your…staff?

Madame V:     I’ve done everything I’ve ever asked my girls to do.

Lana:    It would be great if every boss was like that.

Madame V:     I am better than most. 

Lana:    (And humble.) Tell me, does that mean you yourself have seduced men for the purpose of killing them?

(Madame V jerks forward in her chair and points a finger at me. She’s filed the tips of her nails to a sword’s point, but I’ve seen worse and refuse to back away.)

Lana:     Seems I’ve hit a tender chord.

Madame V:     I am not answering that.

Lana:     I’ll take that as a yes. People with nothing to hide have no reason for evasions. (Her lips purse together and enhance the lines of sour rage puckering her face.)

Madame V:     Ask your next question.

Lana:     (She isn’t going to like this one either.) You had a young woman working for you. Lori. Did you have her killed when she refused to kill for you?

Madame V:     (She raises a fist. I tilt my head and smile, daring her to hit me. She lowers it shakily to her lap.) Bitch, I don’t like your insinuation.

Lana:     It was a straight forward question. Is this evasion another unspoken agreement.

Madame V:     No. I did not have that double crosser killed. Death is too good for her.

Lana:     Wow. Do you feel that strongly about all the women who cross you?

Madamve V:     I’ve no tolerance for it.

Lana:     You must hate Kami and Ava.

Madame V:     If I ever get the chance I’ll kill both those whores with my own hands.

Lana:     Well, I guess it’s a good thing I have a record of that. Going after a Fed can’t be a smart idea.

Madame V:     (She stands again, breathing harshly.) This interview is over.

Lana:     I have everything I need. By the way, if their posing as call-girls to stop a murderer makes them whores, what does that make you?

I’m sure you can imagine I did not get an answer to that last question, not that I expected one. Would have been fun though. And I think you can see from her answers why I want this interview published. Madame V does not need to ever be a member of society again.