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Breck Lawson – Team Leader. Chivalrous, sometimes seen as chauvinistic. Doesn’t get involved with women beyond a working relationship and friendship with Kieralyn Beckett. Brown hair and brown eyes with an underlying humor and appreciation for music buried beneath duty and a penchant for suits. Serious minded, reliable and steady.

Aidan Burgess – Second in command. Intolerant of reporters. Warm chocolate eyes. Relaxed demeanor, but ready to pounce like a lion stalking prey.

Liam Burgess – Aidan’s identical twin. A mystery even to Aidan, has no romantic relationships anyone knows of. No one knows why. With deep brown eyes, he has a lighthearted side that shows easily with friends. Received sniper training in the military.

Tyler Greer – The team’s computer genius, he needs the city adn technology to survive. Caramel colored eyes adn a crooked smile lend him a charm that detracts from his unsuspecting habit of drawing information from people they don’t intend to share.

Kieralyn Beckett – First woman on the team. Has a chip on her shoulder and believes no one respects her. Smels of lilac, colors her wavy brown hair red, and loves lacy lingerie.

Ava Malia – The newest team member, Ava was formerly a Homeland Security consultant who jumped ship after learning of the corruption within the branch she worked for. She has a large family with close ties and several brothers, which could explain her warped and often dirty sense of humor.

Ian Cabrera – Blinded at ten, he’s used his father’s training and enhanced hearing to become a blind listener for the NSA who analyzes sound files. Assists Kieralyn with her case dealing with women being kidnapped and sold into slavery. The team dubs him “Batman” because of his heightened hearing.

Lana Quinn – Kieralyn’s best friend. She’s a reporter with an ambition to win a Pulitzer. After uncovering the truths of a kidnapping and slavery ring, she becomes a victim.

Kami Evans – A stage actress who left a life of privilege behind for one of moral values. After finding her step-brother dead, and failing to convince the police it was murder, she launches her own investigation and goes undercover as an escort.

Channing Harris – Kami’s step-brother who helped her escape the tyranical control of her father. After founding a successful research and development firm, and having success in medical advancements, he captured the unwanted and deadly attention of a black ops government agency-Whitestone.

Trevor Masters – Breck’s lifelong friend and pseudo brother, he’s targeted by the same black ops agency that went after Channing. Only this time they’re after a computer tracking virus, and only the love of the woman used to kill him can save him.

Lori Mullins (better known as Lori Ferguson) – A Whitestone operative who went missing after growing a conscience and learning too much about a deadly plot and trying to warn Trevor of the danger he was in.

Dr. H – Kidnapped as a child and used in experiments, this empath was held prisoner until adulthood when an experimet backfired on his captor, giving him the bargaining power he needed to gain his freedom. A dark intensity surrounds him even as a driving need to help other empaths propels him back into the path of the captors he’d fled.



Eden Maverick – A specialist in all relics Biliblical, she dated Breck Lawson though they’re better as friends. She’s survived trauma and searched for Andrew the entire time he’s been missing. Rather than a healing balm, Andrew’s reappearance seems more capable of ripping scabs off old wounds.

Andrew Corrigan – A specialist in all things American History related, he’s been missing for two years. Now he’s back, recovering wounds and all, and ready to step back into Eden’s life. He endured brutality, and though she’s not talking, he suspects Eden suffered greater torments.

Angelo – A long time friend of Eden’s, he’s her supportive granite wall when life knocks her down. He’s also a Homeland Security operative.

Julie – Eden’s sister. There’s a whole huge mystery behind her death. 🙂

Sawyer – A waiter at Eden’s favorite bistro. Or so she thinks.



Brenna Quentin – An agoraphobic witch unwilling to accept her birthright and destiny.

Caleb Dauntay – A former Marine turned Risk Reduction Specialist, he’s hired to kidnap Brenna only to learn their destinies are intricately connected.

Theo Lansing – Caleb’s best friend, also a former Marine turned Risk Reduction Specialist. He’s got surprise powers of his own.

Megan – An empath who’s blocked her abilities.



BD Harte – Dallas PD Detective of 10 years, he has a shoot first ask questions later manner, and an unexpected fear and soft spot for babies. Especially Maggie’s.

Craig Harrison – BD’s partner and best friend since childhood, he’s the giant tedy bear of the duo. At least until the woman he’s falling for becomes the target of a stalking rapist.

“Mac” McClain – Former military, he’s a new cop on the force with a blood boiling grudge against Detective Steve Pritchett.

Maggie Sullivan – She’s a widowed single mother who’s been targeted by a sadistic killer for an ancient scroll she didn’t know her husband was translating. Or that he left in her care when he died.

Grace Malone -Maggie’s sister, she’s a psychiatrist with a hardened heart wrapped in an Audrey Hepburne look-a-like body.

Abigail – A wounded woman in need of a bit of saving. Or so Mac thinks.

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